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University of Turku 
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By activating your library card at Feeniks (the main library) you'll gain free access to the printed material. You can read and print digital material from certain computers in the library.

Tritonia Academic Library in Vasa
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Tritonia serves Åbo Akademi University in Vaasa and Jakobstad, Hanken School of Economics in Vaasa, The University of Vaasa, Novia University of Applied Sciences, VAMK University of Applied Sciences, and Centria University of Applied Sciences in Jakobstad.
Students, researches and personnel in Turku  can borrow material from Tria as interlibrary loans free of charge.

Public Library of Turku
Search in Vaski, the union catalogue of all public libraries in Turku and it's surroundings.

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Search in Melinda, where you can search in all Finnish university library databases at once.



You can read books from Ebook Central and Elib on your browser, but for offline reading you have to install an eReader, for example Adobe Digital Editions. After installing, you need to create Adobe ID before you can download the books. You can login with the same Adobe ID to max. six different devices (PC, MAC, tablets or mobile devices) with Adobe Digital Editions installed and access your books.