Psychology and Logopedics: Journals

How to find a journal

  1. Can you find it in print or as an e-resource in Alma?
  2. Can you find it in print at Turku University?
  3. Does Turku University have it as an e-resource? You can access it from their library computers.
  4. Does National Repository Library have the journal in print? You can order free article copies from there.
  5. Interlibrary loan from another university?

Journals for Psychology and Logopedics

Links to journals in Alma. To access the journal UI, click the link below title in Alma.

Search print journals at the National Repository Library (NRL)

You get free copies of single articles from NRL.

Do like this:
1. Search in Alma and choose the tag Repository Library in Kuopio so you can see if the journal is available there.
2. Open the form for requesting interlibrary loans and choose article.
3. Fill in the article information.
4. You can write in comments field that the journal can be found at NRL.
5. You will get e-mail when you can collect a copy of the article at Book Tower.


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