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Psychology and Logopedics: Journals

How to find a journal

  1. Can you find it in print or as an e-resource in Alma?
  2. Can you find it in print at Turku University?
  3. Does Turku University have it as an e-resource? You can access it from their library computers.
  4. Does National Repository Library have the journal in print? You can order free article copies from there with the interlibrary loan request form.
  5. Interlibrary loan from another university?
  6. Alternative access?

Tips on journals

You can check in Alma which volumes of a journal are available as printed versions at Åbo Akademi University Library and which are available as digital resources.

Journals for Psychology and Logopedics

Links to journals in Alma. To access the journal UI, click the link below title in Alma.


includes over 2000 newspapers from 92 countries. Only the latest issues, not archives.

The research database Artur

As an ÅAU-affiliated researcher you can and should register your scholarly publications in the Research database Artur. This will increase the visibility of your research on the web and result in more funding for ÅAU, since the publications in Artur are reported to the Ministry of Education and Culture on a yearly basis.

Parallel publish when possible by uploading your publications in fulltext in Artur (guide available on the intranet).

In the JUULI portal you can find information about scholarly publications from all Finnish universities.

Add your publication to Artur


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