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Open access: Open data

This guide is about Open Access publishing for researchers at Åbo Akademi University

Öppen forskningsdata - nyheter

Where can I publish research data?


Theo official information on research data management and DMP for ÅAU researchers is posted on the intranet (login required): Research > Research data 


"Research data" are the resources produced by or used by the researcher in the research process, which may be used to validate the research outcome. When shared or duly registered (and citable), datasets renders the researcher merit. Opening or at least making data findable and interoperable is an aspect of responsible research. Datasets can be deposited and shared through data archives (international or Finnish), and the degree of availability and openness should be regulated using open licensing (such as licenses formulated through Creative Commons, recommended CCO, CC-BY4.0 or CC-BY-NC (with commercial specification). 

Research funders recommend or require that all research outcomes (publications and datasets) are open. Opening data improves research transparency and reliability. The Academy of Finland, for instance, recommends research data to be made open (or at least FAIR) in reliable repositories, for instance:

All services above are free to use for ÅAU researchers. Most archives keep proper guides to data deposit and some also assist researchers in processing the data into a reusable, interoperable format.

The Sherpa/Juliet database contains the research funders mandates concerning data. 



Kuva: Janneke staaks (CC BY-NC 2.0)