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Chemical Engineering & Natural Sciences: Databases


Articles, books and conference proceedings.
Contains 75 million publications from 1970-.

Web of Science

Articles,  books, proceedings, and patents.
Contains over 90 million references.

Google Scholar


To gain access to material ÅAU pays for you need to change some settings: Settings, Library links, search for Åbo and tick the box for Akademi Akademi University Library –Fulltext ÅAB, save.


References and data for solving engineering problems.

Business Communications Company


NB! The old version of SciFinder expired December 31. 2021. Your old username and password is automatically activated in the new version.

Journals, conference proceedings, patents, chemicals, structures, reactions, and  suppliers.
37 Million references for chemistry and chemical engineering.


Articles and online books.
24 million references in medicine.

Journal of Visualized Experiments

Mostly medicine, some chemistry, environment and engineering.

  • On the Research tab, we have access to JoVE Journals
  • On the tab Education, JoVE Science Education we have access to: Basic Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Engineering and Environmental Sciences

Energy & Power

400 Journals about petroleum, natural gas, coal, nuclear power, electric power and renewable energy.


More than 19 000 life cycle inventory (LCI) datasets. The datasets contain information on rawmaterials, emissions released to water, soil and air, electricity demanded, and the products, co-products and wastes produced.

How to read a scientific article? (5:10)

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

Journal, newsletter articles and conference proceedings from ACM.
For data processing, computer technology and information processing.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers / Institution of Engineering and Technology (IEEE/IET)

Journals, transactions, conference proceedings and standards.
3.5 million references for information sciences, data processing and electrical engineering.

Science Direct (Elsevier)

2,500 journals and 30,000 books from 1995-


1,250 Journals and 10,000 books in chemistry, environment, medicine and biosciences.


More than 1,200 journals.