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Guide for international students in Turku: Databases


You can browse among our databases and find out which ones are the most important within your own field of science.

Different types of databases

​Full-text databases include full-text of the material, as well as references

Reference databases include references to articles, but not necessarily the articles themselves, which often must be retrieved elsewhere

Citation databases include information on citations between articles: who has cited what and how many citations have accumulated

Please note that most databases are combinations of these types. Some of the articles in the database can be read in full-text, some are available only as abstracts.

How to read a scholarly journal article?

Google Scholar

You can easily access the library's e-resources by using Google Scholar's library links. When you have activated the library links (Google Scholar -> Settings), your search results will include full-text links for articles your university subscribes to. The library links are also accessible via remote use, so you don't have to check the availability of the article in Nelli separately.