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Guide for international students at ÅAU: Dictionaries and handbooks

Browse our e-handbooks. Choose "Field of science"
Our printed handbooks are available on our libraries' reference shelves

The Library's e-dictionaries

Browse our e-dictionaries in Alma

MOT Sanakirjat - Multiple languages

  • MOT on your computer: Open MOT in Alma and select language
  • MOT on your mobile:

Alternative 1

  1. Create an account (upper right corner) on MOT's web page. Use your ÅAU e-mail address, but not your ÅAU password!
  2. Start using at motpro.fi

Alternative 2

  1. Go to www.sanakirja.fi/korkeakouluille
  2. Open tab korkeakouluille, choose Åbo Akademi and enter your e-mail address
  3. You will receive a link via mail. The dictionaries are accessible for 12 months, thereafter, you'll need to order a new link.

Dictionaries on the web - Swedish and Nordic languages