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Master's degree programmes at the Faculty of Education and Welfare Studies (Vasa): Articles and databases

Print and electronic journals as well as databases can be found in Alma. Browse databases within your field of science in Alma. At Search e-articles you can search in several of the databases at the same time.

Please remember that all the databases ÅAU have access to are not included in the e-article search in Alma. We recommend that you also search in the database vendors' own user interfaces. You can search in several key databases at the same time in EBSCOhost.

How do I choose search words?

Subject headings lists are a great help with finding search words. Look in the database for a menu called Subject Terms, Thesaurus or Index terms. In health and social sciences it is a good idea to use MESH (Medical Subject Headings).

Google Scholar


To gain access to material ÅAU pays for you need to change some settings: Settings, Library links, search for Åbo and tick the box for Akademi Akademi University Library –Fulltext ÅAB, save.

Key databases

How to find a specific journal or article

  1. Can you find it in print or as an e-article in Alma? Is it available in Åbo? Students and staff can order material (ÅAUL-loans) from all ÅAU library service points. 
  2. Can you find it on Google Scholar?
  3. Can you find it in print at the academic library Tritonia in Vasa?
  4. Is it available at another university library? Order it as an interlibrary loan for a fee. NB! If you are writing your master's thesis, all interlibrary loans are free of charge. Ask your supervisor to fill out this form, and bring it to the library.
  5. Alternative access?