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Information Technology: Journals & Articles

How find article?

  1. Digital form at ÅAU?
  2. Printed form at ÅAU?
  3. Available at University of Turku?
  4. Printed at National Repository Library?
  5. Interlibrary loan from another university

1. Search e-journals

2. Search print journals in Alma

3. Search journals at University of Turku (UTU)

4. Search print journals at the National Repository Library (NRL)


Get free copies from NRL

  1. Check availability in their catalogue
  2. Fill in the request form


Please remember to write "available at NRL" as remark

5. Interlibrary loan

Newspapers and magazines

Add your publication to AboCRIS (Pure)

No JuFo level? Suggest journal, publisher or conference for rating here. New proposals are rated 0-1. The levels are adjusted every 4th year. Next time in 2022.

Questions? Did something go wrong? Please email abocris[at]abo.fi!