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Information Technology: Write & Refer

Reference systems

There are a great number of parallel systems, some uses the surname, other uses numbers. Many journals have their own standards.

Example styles:

Harvard: (Surname year)
IEEE: [1]
Vancouver: (2)
Oxford: ³

Reference guides online

Why use reference management software?

It allows you to:

  • collect and organize references
  • add notes to your references
  • link to web page or uploaded file
  • share references with colleagues
  • cite your references in text
  • automatically create a bibliography
  • easily modify in-text citations and bibliography

Software options


Link to Zotero

The library offers support for Zotero

Tutorials are available online.

Free and compatible with LaTeX.

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The library doesn't offer any support, but tutorials are available online.

The online version is free when you register via Web of Science, My Tools, EndNote.

The library doesn't offer any support, but tutorials are available online.

Author ID systems

Create your own ORCID and/or Researcher ID (Web of Science's own identifier) when you start publishing.

It's a unique identifier, used worldwide, that you keep throughout your life, also when you change institution.

It identifies you and your work, and prevents confusion between you and others with the same name or initials.