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Academill library: New customer?

How can I borrow from Academill library?

You will need an Åbo Akademi University library card to borrow from Academill library. Students at ÅAU are registered automatically and can pick up their library card at the service desk whenever it is open (remember your ID). Staff and other customers have to apply for a card through the online form

Please acquaint yourself with the user rules and loan periods of Åbo Akademi University Library. You can find all information on our website.

Use the self-service machine for borrowing. There is one self-service machine in the lobby next to Agneta and another one on Övre torget.

The self-service machine in the lobby is also used for returning books, follow the instructions on the screen. There is also a drop box outside the entrance, but observe that loans returned there will be registered as returned on the next opening day.

I have loans from Tritonia, what about them?

No loans or reservations will be transferred to Academill library from Tritonia. Books that you have borrowed from Tritonia are therefore to be returned to Tritonia. You will remain a customer at Tritonia and can also borrow from Tritonia with your Tritonia library card. You can check your loans from Tritonia through Finna.