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Academill library: Call numbers in Academill

Call numbers in Academill

The collections in Academill serve research, education and studies at Åbo Akademi University in Vasa. See below for a complete list of call numbers.


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ÅA Vasa Diss. Dissertations (Vasa)
ÅA Diss. Dissertations (Åbo)
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Bokhyllan (E4)

03     Science. Research methods. Information retrieval
03.1     Academic writing. Writing guides
38     Education. Teaching.
38.01     Educational institutions: history
38.02     Educational psychology. Educational sociology.
38.1      Preschool and early childhood education: teaching and didactics.
38.2     Didactics. Teaching methods.
38.290     E-learning. Media education. ICT: didactics
38.291     Religion, philosophy and psychology: didactics
38.293     Social studies and history: didactics
38.294     Biology, geography and environmental education: didactics
38.295     Mathematics and science: didactics
38.296     Sloyd and home economics: didactics
38.297     Fine arts, music, health education and sports: didactics
38.298     Languages and literature. Drama: didactics
38.299 Teaching and learning of languages. Language immersion.
38.4     Universities. Higher education. Academic study. Teacher training.
38.5     School administration. Legislation. Curricula.
38.51     School management. Teachers. Educational leadership. 
38.55     Special education
38.6     Adult education. Non-formal adult education.
38.8     Vocational training

Bokhyllan E410

SB     Finland-Swedish school book collection
SERIER SLS     SLS series 2000-
T     Journals

Övre torget

00 Libraries. Books and publishing
07 Communication. Mass communication
1 Philosophy. Logic. Theory of knowledge. Ethics
14 Psychology
14.6 Developmental psychology
2 Religion. Mythologies
3 Social sciences
30.1 Sociology. Social psychology
32 Political science. Politics
32.1 Political systems. Democracy. Elections
32.3 Gender studies
33 Jurisprudence
35 Administration
37 Social policy. Social welfare
4 Geography. Regional science. Community planning
5 Natural sciences
59 Medicine. Health care
59.21 Nursing science. Nursing work. Nursing staff
59.56 Psychiatry. Mental health disorders. Crisis psychology
6 Technology. Industry. Handicraft
65 Sloyd
68 Home economics
69 Business economy. Marketing. Leadership
86 Literary studies
87 Linguistics
88 Finno-ugric languages
89 Indo-european languages. Other languages
89.3 Nordic languages
90 Historical research. General cultural history
91 World history
92 History of Finland
99 Personal and family history