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Library services for researchers: Research and publishing

Get your own ORCID and/or Researcher ID (Web of Science's own identifier) when you start publishing.
It identifies you and your work, and prevents confusion between you and others with the same name or initials.

More benefits: an ORCID ID enables automatic transfer of information about your publications from publishers' platforms to the ORCID register and from there to ÅAU's AboCRIS.

The Research Information System AboCRIS

As an ÅAU-affiliated researcher you can and should register your scholarly publications in the Research Information System AboCRIS. This will increase the visibility of your research on the web and result in more funding for ÅAU, since the publications in AboCRIS are reported to the Ministry of Education and Culture on a yearly basis.

Parallel publish when possible by uploading your publications in fulltext in AboCRIS (guides available on the intranet).

In the JUULI portal you can find information about scholarly publications from all Finnish universities.

Open access (OA)

Guide about open access

When you publish your research open access - as recommended in the ÅAU policy for open science - it can be read free of charge and thereby reach more readers. You can either

  • publish in Open Access-publications (for an APC-charge or free of charge) or in
  • hybrid publications (i.e. subscription journals with APC-charge), and/or
  • parallel publish by uploading a full text version in an open archive (e.g. the ÅAU publications repository
Check here if you, as an ÅAU-affiliated researchers can publish OA free of charge or with a discount!

Evaluating scholarly publications

  • Bibliometrics is one way of evaluating scholarly publications, authors, and citations using quantitative methods.
  • Julkaisufoorumi (JUFO) is a national project for evaluating and ranking scholarly publications and publishers.

  • Sherpa/Romeo provides information about copyright policies for publishers and journals.