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Research Data: Find and cite data

Tips and support for data management for researchers at ÅAU

How to find datasets

Reseach data which has been deposited or opened can be found in the repositories where they have been made available. Datasets can also be found in search services which harvest information from several repositories.

  • OpenAIRE: Explore - more than a million datasets, in all fields of science, of which more than 300 000 are open access datasets (harvests from FigShare, Zenodo and many more)
  • Etsin - descriptions (metadata) of more than 10 000 Finnish datasets from all fields of science. Metadata from, amongst others, the Language Bank of Finland, the Finnish Social Science Data Archive and the Finnish Environmental Institute are harvested into Etsin.
  • Aila - the data catalogue of the Finnish Social Science Data Archive (FSD) includes more than 1500 datasets which are openly available or can be downloaded for research purposes or studies (login required)
  • - Finnish national portal for open data. is a service for publishing and utilizing open data, and contains data mainly from the public sector. The service is maintained by Digital and Population Data Services Agency.

Use search engines to explore and find datasets from various repositories and services:

Idea: Datasets which have been made openly available can be used in teaching and re-used for course assignments, theses etc.(depending on the licensing)

Give your published datasets more visibility

Publishing (meta)data is an academic merit. Remember to add information about both your publications and published datasets into Åbo Akademi University's research portal AboCRIS. Note that the dataset needs to be published in an external service before adding the information to AboCRIS. Instructions for how to add information about published datasets is available on the intranet (login required).

How to cite datasets

For example:

Smith, Tom W., Peter V. Marsden, and Michael Hunt (2011). General Social Survey, 1972-2010 Cumulative File. ICPSR31521-v1. Chicago, IL: National Opinion Research Center. Distributed by Ann Arbor, MI: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research. doi:10.3886/ICPSR31521.v1

​The citation includes the following elements:

Creator (PublicationYear). Title. [Version.] Publisher. [ResourceType.] Identifier.


Read more:

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