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Research Data: Save, share, collaborate

Tips and support for data management for researchers at ÅAU

Managing data during the project - saving and sharing

​During the research project data can be saved in the researcher's home directory (pchome). Large data sets that require more space can also be saved in a network drive on ÅAU's server (requests for storage space on the network drive are addressed to ÅAU's helpdesk). 

Sharing during the project - raw data and processed data

  • Internally: The network drive can be shared with other users at ÅAU and it fills the safety requirements for sharing sensitive data. From November 2019 onwards, the new intranet also provides the possibility to collaborate using the Teams tool. 
  • File sharing: to email large files use FUNET Filesender (logg in with your Haka-id).
  • Reliable external services free of charge to users at ÅAU include EUDAT:s B2DROP. Registrer as user at B2ACCESS. Get access by registering at B2ACCESS (select ”Log in with your organizational id” (nere th) > enter into search field “Åbo” > ”Authenticate” >”Register”. The open the B2DROP page and log in with your ÅAU username. Other users can register without charge. 

  • IDA storage service - for stable datasets - - you can share externally with others through a link but also store your "frozen" raw data.

Storing during the course of the project

After the end of the project: Open/publish

Recommended formats for storing data after the project has ended

.rtf, .odt, .txt, .xml,

.htm, .xhtml

.tif, .flac (eller .mp3), .mp4, .ogv, .ogg, .mj2

.csv, DDI XML, .por, .tab, .

.shp, .shx, .dbf, .prj, .sbx, .sbh 

Tools and programs

There is a range of institutional licenses for programs for capturing, collecting and analysing data. See the ICT service information on the intranet