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E-exam: Booking and keys to e-exam rooms

Registration and time-booking for an e-exam

Log in at the address with your abo-fi username and password
NB! If you are studying at both Åbo Akademi University and the University of Turku, log in using the user name of the university offering that specifc course!

  • Search for the exam using the course name, teacher's name or course code (put "ÅA-" in front of the course code found in Peppi).
  • For individual exams: click on the direct link to the exam in the automatic e-mail you get from the system

For additional information and detailed instructions, see E-exam guides for students (pdf).

Cancel or reschedule an e-exam

If you are unable to attend the exam, you should cancel or modify your reservation in

  • General exams: If you want to register for the same exam again, you have to wait for the booked exam time to expire or until you have received the grade for the previous exam (the teacher can decide how many times you are allowed to take an exam before it is assessed).
    If you didn't cancel a booked exam time (that you didn't go to), you will have to inform your teachers, so that he/she makes the exam available for you again!
  • Individual exam: If you have booked an exam but do not take the exam (and you didn't cancel your reservation), you cannot make a new reservation.The teacher will be informed that you missed your exam and needs to make the exam available for you to book.

Please make sure that you cancel any reservations you do not need so that others can take your place! 

Taking an exam in another university's Exam room (Exam visit)

You can take an e-exam in certain other universities' exam rooms.
When you book an exam, click "Exam room reservation from external institution" and you'll see available universities and polytechnics.
You will follow the rules and regulations for e-exams and video surveillance of the institution, where you take your exam.
NB! Remember to check how you get access to the exam rooms at the other university.
Information on Exam visits is available on the website of the Exam consortio.

Key cards for exam rooms

ÅAU students can get a key card from the Natura building (T5 on the map), Mondays-Fridays at 9.00-12.00 or by agreement by emailing also at 12.00-15.30. The key card will be activated and is valid immediately, and for as long as you have a right to study.
(For exams on weekdays at 8-15.30 you can sometimes also access the exam rooms by calling the phone number found on the door of the exam buildings, providing that somebody is available at the information desk - however, to be on the safe side, get a key card!).

Collecting a key to the exam room, Academill, Rantakatu 2, Vasa.
The key works for the exam room and for the door to the Academill building, Rantakatu 2.

  • Pick up a key according to agreeement, during office hours. Send an e-mail to to agree on when to pick up a key, to ensure that someone is available for handing  out the key. If you have questions, please e-mail  or call +358 469216079.
    Christmas holidays 2021: The key must be picked up by 21 December, 2021, after which you will not be able to get a key until 11 January, 2022, onwards.

  • Return the key after the exam into the white mailbox at floor E4 (next to the library, at the entrance to F4).

Corona info

Remember to wash your hands and wipe the keyboard, mouse and all other surfaces that may be touched with disinfecting hand wipes before starting your exam. Safety distance in shared Exam rooms should be observed (every second computer is out of use).
If you are feeling sick, the exam must be postponed.
NB! It is very important that you always cancel a reservation you do not need, so that your fellow students may book that time.
Leave the building immediately after taking the exam.

Recommendation on Using Face Masks in the E-exam rooms

According to the recommendation for using face masks on the campus of the University of Turku, everyone should wear a face mask in the e-exam rooms. If the mask gets wet during the exam, student can replace it with a new one. Students can take a mask available in the e-exam rooms or use their own masks.
In the e-exam rooms there are masks available, as well as hand disinfectants and disinfecting hand wipes. Remember to wash or disinfect your hands  before putting on a clean mask.
During this recommendation for using face masks, student can also bring a water bottle (without labels) into the e-exam rooms.
Recommendation on the use of face masks for citizens on THL's website. Please send any further inquiries and questions primarily by email to