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E-exam: Information for teachers

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FAQ about Exam

The duration of an exam?
Technically, the duration of an e-exam can be set to 1-4 hours. Note that the duration of an exam is not defined in Examination and Assessment Instruction, but the duration must be appropriate for the type of the examination assignments. The duration of an exam can be shorter than 4 h - this enables more students to take exams in the e-exam rooms during the same day.
(If a student need more than 4 hours you need to split the exam in two parts, i.e. two exams, e.g. questions 1-2 in part one and questions 3-4 in part two).

Unable to add more questions to the section?
Check if you already ticked "Randomize questions" - after that you cannot add new questions.
(i.e. select questions to be randomized last). 

How do I give my colleague access to the exam?
Ask your colleague to login to exam.utu.fi once, after that you can add him/her at the information section of the exam. 

When I login to Exam I only see a student view - I cannot switch between a Teacher or Student view
This is because you are also registered as a student in ÅAU's systems.
Contact exam@abo.fi to get a teacher role.