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Reference management tools: Citation styles

Citation styles

What your citations and references look like is determined by a reference system. Zotero contains hundreds of systems that you can choose from, such as Harvard, APA, MLA and Oxford. Journal specific systems are also available.

Which reference system should I use?
Consult your supervisor to find out which system is preferred in your area of academia. Usually it will be well-known system, but possibly with some minor (local) variations. Simply edit the closest system, if you can't find system that fully meets your needs by default.

If I'm free to do whatever I want?
Harvard and APA are distinguished reference systems where the citation is embedded in the body text within parantheses (so-called parenthetical referencing or author-date). Oxford is a common footnote system whereas Vancouver is a widely used author-number system. Some systems, e.g. Chicago, is available in different versions accommodating different style needs.

Citation styles in Zotero

Zotero comes with an abundance of reference systems, and there are even more to download from the website.