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Reference management (RefWorks & Mendeley): Share references

Share references

Don't hog your references! With the help of RefWorks and Mendeley you can share them with your fellow students and colleagues. Create a shared reference collection - useful e.g. when you're co-writing an article.

With the ability to comment and annotate references and full text articles together, your joint work will see rapid progress. Mendeley adds a lot more: you can create a public profile page where you can list references and there's private and public groups you can join.

RefWorks is a closed setting whereas Mendeley in many regards is both closed and public. In the latter regard, Mendeley shares similarities with web sites such as Researchgate and

Teaching staff, look here!
Gather the references you use in teaching in one or many folders and share these with your students. Convenient, right?

RefWorks: Share references

1. Click on "Sharing" on the left hand side or "Share folder" in the middle.

2. Choose the folder you want to share. A folder (and its subfolders) is always shared in its entirety - not individual references.

If you haven't created a folder, you need to do that and place the references you want to share inside this folder.

3. Give the e-mail address(es) of the person(s) with whom you'd like to share the folder with. The person is not required to have a e-mail address (i.e. be affiliated with Åbo Akademi University), but you need to acquire an access code from the library. Also, choose what rights each invitee shall have.

Read = can read
Annotate = can read and ccomment/annotate
Modify = all above and the ability to add and delete references

4. Shared folders you own are visible under "My Folders". Click on the three dots to edit sharing settings.

5. Folders someone else shares with you are found under "Sharing". Click on three dots to leave the shared folder.

Mendeley: Share references

1. To share references, go to Groups and create a new group.

2. Name and describe your group.

3. Choose the group type.

In most cases you want to create a private group. Up to five groups can be created in the free version Mendeley. Groups can have a maximum of 25 members and all groups can totally contain 100 mb.


4. Choose "Attach documents" to add references (from your private Mendeley library). Click "Invite" to start sharing with others! And why not add a nice welcoming text on your group page :)