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Reference management tools: Cite


Insert your references into your text document with a little help from Zotero. You can choose between different reference styles and insert a tidy, correct, and complete bibliography with one simple click!

Insert citation

Zotero works with MS Word, LibreOffice and Google Docs. If the plugin hasn't installed properly, go to Edit – Preferences – Cite – Word Processors in Zotero and activate it from there.

Zotero needs to be running when you start using the word processor plugin. Start by choosing the reference style by clicking the Zotero tab in your word processor. Click Document Preference after that, and choose your preferred style. Zotero is already equipped with the most commonly used styles and more can be downloaded from the Zotero web site.

When you want to add in-text references, choose Add/Edit Citation at the spot in the text where you want the reference. In the red bar that appears, write the author name or the title of the work you want to cite, choose the right reference from the list that comes up, hit enter. You can also hit the space bar twice in the red bar to access a list of all your reference to choose from.

You can also click the small arrow by the Z in the search bar and choose Classic View to access your library and pick a reference from there.

If you want more than one source in your reference, hit the space bar after having selected the first source, and start a new search. If you use Classic View, choose Multiple Source at the bottom, pick your sources and add them to the right hand box by using the green arrow.

Video: Cite (2:55)

Insert bibliography

To add a bibliography, mark the place in the document where you want it. Click Add/Edit Bibliography in the Zotero menu and a complete list of every source you have used is automatically added.