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eGraduEng: The supervisor checks the thesis for plagiarism

The supervisor checks the thesis for plagiarism by using Urkund

Using Ouriginal (previously Urkund) for checking plagiarism at ÅAU

If the supervisor needs help with Ouriginal, please e-mail urkund@abo.fi
(Link to user manuals for Ouriginal)

  • The supervisor needs a user account for Ouriginal - if you do not have that, please order it from urkund@abo.fi
  • The students send their thesis by e-mail, as an attached file, to your analysis address in Ouriginal (your analysis address is, most likely: forename.surname.abo@analys.urkund.se)
  • Ouriginal compares the text with various sources (the Internet, Ouriginal's archive and publishing partners)
  • The analysis usually takes 24 h maximum.
  • The supervisor receives an e-mail from Ouriginal, containing a link to the analysis AND a link to the thesis in Ouriginal
  • The supervisor goes through the analysis
    • If copies of text sections are discovered, the supervisor should more closely compare the submitted section with the hit found by the system. All copies are not necessarily plagiarism, but can be part of a correct citation.
    • The supervisor can also forward the analysis to a colleague.
  • The supervisor decides that the thesis has passed plagiarism control 

Next step: The supervisor informs the student that the thesis has passed the plagiarism check and sends the thesis for thesis evaluation

Failed plagiarism check:
If the supervisor suspects plagiarism, see procedures for handling allegations of misconduct in research.