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eGraduEng: Copyright and digital publishing


What is copyright?
n accordance with the Copyright Act a master's thesis is a literary or artistic work whose copyright is owned by its author. This means that the copyright owner has the exclusive right to control a work by reproducing it and by making it available to the public (1 §, 2 §).

When copies of a work are made or when the work is made available to the public in whole or in part, the name of the author shall be stated in a manner required by proper usage. A work may not be altered in a manner which is prejudicial to the author's literary or artistic reputation, or to his individuality; nor may it be made available to the public in such a form or context as to prejudice the author in the manner stated (3 §).

Who has got copyright?

When an author submits a thesis electronically its copyright is not transferred to the university; the author remains the copyright holder.

Publishing your thesis via a publishing company
If your thesis is also published via a publishing companty, please be in contact with Åbo Akademi Library for further information.

Digital publishing

Open Access means that research results are made openly available on the Internet. This concerns first and foremost scientific articles, dissertations and reports, but books, research data and metadata can also be included. Open Access means that the copyright holder allows everyone to read, download, make copies of, and share the text digitally, while fully respecting the legal rights of the author. In other words, using OA-material, the author must be mentioned and the content must not be altered. 

If there are co-authors to the thesis, you should all sign the electronic publication agreement. NB! This must be filled in and signed ONLY if there is more than one author to the thesis.

The theses are available digitally via the ÅAU publications repository, which you can access through the Doria-portal. It is made available in the way the students choose when filling in the form for digital publishing.

Further information on what the student should do in order to publish his or her theses can be found under the Students tab.´


The alternatives for digital publishing

When the student fills out the form for electronic publishing, he/she can choose between the following alternatives:

  • I give my permission for the publication of my thesis in Åbo Akademi University's publication archives. (The thesis will be openly available to read on the Internet via the ÅAU publication archives, placed under Doria, the multi-institutional repository maintained by National Library of Finland).
  • My thesis contains classified information and therefore cannot be published in Åbo Akademi University's publication archives (you need to apply to the dean)
  • My thesis is undergoing preparation for commercial publication and therefore cannot be published in Åbo Akademi University's publication archives (The thesis is being prepared for publication and must not therefor be published in Åbo Akademi University's publication archive. The student should apply for postpone with the supervisor or the Dean.
  • I do not accept the publishing of my thesis in the repository of Åbo Akademi University but it can be studied at Åbo Akademi University Library