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eGraduEng: 1. Fill out the form for electronic publication of your thesis

1. Fill out the form for electronic publication of your thesis

Form for electronic publication (so called Syli form) (according to ES 43 §).
Fill out the Syli form
Choose the option for electronic publication of your preference (for more information on the different alternatives, see HERE):

  • I give my permission for the publication of my thesis in Åbo Akademi University's publication archives 
  • My thesis contains classified information and therefore cannot be published in Åbo Akademi University's publication archives
  • My thesis is undergoing preparation for commercial publication and therefore cannot be published in Åbo Akademi University's publication archives
  • I do not accept the publishing of my thesis in the repository of Åbo Akademi University but it can be studied at Åbo Akademi University Library

If there are co-authors to the thesis, you should all sign the form separately.

See Copyright and publication for further information regarding copyright of your thesis and the details for electronic publication. 

Åbo Akademi University Library will contact the student if complements to the form are needed or if the thesis is not saved in the correct format (PDF/A).
Åbo Akademi University Library will publish a version of the thesis, which has passed language revision and after it has been assessed. The thesis is published in accordance with the information given by the student in filling out the Syli form for electronic publication 

Submit the thesis for plagiarism checks, language revision and subject examination