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eGraduEng: The supervisor informs the student about the initiation of the examination process

The supervisor informs the student about the initiation of the examination process

TEMPLATE FOR THE EMAIL the supervisor sends to the students regarding the initiation of the examination process

Receiver: The student
Heading: The supervising process is now concluded and the thesis can be submitted for plagiarism checks

Have your thesis gone through the language response process?
Have you checked that your thesis document fulfills the requirements for an accessible web publication?
If that's the case, your thesis can now be submitted for plagiarism check. You shall also fill out the form for electronic publication of your thesis.

Instructions and the address to the form for electronic publication of your thesis can be found here

1) Submit your thesis in the correct format by following the instructions for official submission: 

  • Changes to the contents of the thesis are no longer allowed
  • Every page of the thesis including abstracts, possible summaries in Swedish and possible attachments and/or images shall be submitted
  • The thesis shall be saved in PDF/A format (see instructions on webpage linked above)
  • The address for submission to Ouriginal (previously Urkund) is: enter your Urkund address here, usually in the format (if you are experiencing problems, see webpage linked above)
  • Check for a confirmation of receipt email from Ouriginal confirming that your thesis is submitted

2) Fill out the form for electronic publication (see webpage linked above for the form as well as further information regarding copyright of your thesis and the details for electronic publication).

You will receive an email from me after I have examined the results of Ouriginal's analysis report on your plagiarism checked thesis. At the same time I will forward your thesis for subject evaluation.

You will receive an email from the faculty office including the Dean's decision on the assessment of your thesis. 

The name of the supervisor 

Confidential theses

If there is a need for classifying the thesis as confidential, the student should apply for it before the examination process starts.

A theses classified as confidential is sent, as a whole, for plagiarism control and subject examination.
The supervisor should in this stage inform the subject examiners that this is a thesis which should be kept confidential, see e-mail 2.
The thesis will, however, not be published before the time period for keeping it secret has passed (which, according to the Degree Regulations, is a maximum of four years).

Theses being prepared for commercial publication

If your thesis is being prepared and edited for commercial publication and must therefore not be published in the Åbo Akademi University's publication archive, the student must apply to his/her supervisor or the Dean for a postponement of the time of publication. The supervisor may grant a written exception for a maximum of one year and should inform his/her decision to the Åbo Akademi University Library,

If you need to postpone the time of publication more than one year, the Dean may grant an exception for a maximum of five (1 + 4) years.