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eGraduEng: The supervisor informs the student of the plagiarism check and forwards the thesis for thesis evaluation

The supervisor informs the student of the plagiarism check and forwards the thesis for thesis evaluation

(See instructions for dealing with theses including confidential information)

The supervisor sends the same email to the author, Head of subject (or person appointed by him/her) and the faculty's eGradu address (which reaches the faculty office and Åbo Akademi University Library), after the plagiarism checks are successfully completed.
The following email addresses are used: NB! you only send the email to you own faculty's email address!

  • Faculty of Arts, Psychology and Theology: fhptgradu@abo.fi
  • Faculty of Education and Welfare Studies: fpvgradu@abo.fi
  • Faculty of Social Sciences, Business and Economics: fsegradu@abo.fi
  • Faculty of Science and Engineering: fntgradu@abo.fi.

The Ouriginal link to the thesis is used by the subject evaluator and by Åbo Akademi Univerity Library for publication of the thesis (after the thesis is approved).

The email should contain 

  • a decision on successful plagiarism checks 
  • a copy of the Ouriginal link in the thesis document 
  • information that the subject evaluators should be appointed by the Head of subject (or person appointed by him/her)
  • information that the faculty office should start a new topic in Docsy

TEMPLATE FOR EMAIL from the supervisor to the student in which the student is informed of the plagiarism checks results and the thesis being forwarded for subject evaluation

Receiver: The author, Head of subejct and your own faculty's eGradu address fhptgradu@abo.fi, fpvgradu@abo.fi, fsegradu@abo.fi OR fntgradu@abo.fi (reaches the faculty office and Åbo Akademi University Library). See above to check which email address goes to which faculty!

Heading: Plagiarism checks for Stacy Student were successful and remaining examinations can be initiated 

I have examined the analysis report for Stacy Student's (student number 12345) Master's thesis and approved the plagiarism checks results. The Ouriginal address to the thesis is as follows: 
(to be copied from the email from Ouriginal, looks as follows https://secure.ouriginal.com/archive/download/12345-12345  - NB! You should send the link to the thesis, NOT to the analysis, i.e. see screenshot of e-mail [pdf])

I will send this email to the author and the faculty office for their information. 

The Head of subejct will receive the email for appointing two subject evaluators.

The author will receive an email from the faculty office including the Dean's assessment of the thesis. The subject examiners' statements are attached to the decision. The author has the right to request rectification of the assessment. Instructions for making a rectification request are attached to the email.
Finally, the approved thesis is published in Åbo Akademi University's publication archives (to be public according to ES 43 §).

(If the thesis is to be kept confidential, this should also be mentioned in this e-mail!)

The name of the supervisor