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eGraduEng: Students

Students' responsibilities in eGradu

The supervisor makes a final review of the manuscript and gives permission for it to be submitted for evaluation. A thesis is regarded as submitted for evaluationt and the supervision process ends when the student has submitted the thesis for plagiarism control.
Simultaneously, the student shall fill out the form for electronic publication of the thesis.

Before handing in your master's thesis
BEFORE handing in your master’s thesis for evaluation, it should go through the language response process.. Language response is obligatory.
See the Language Center for more information on language response.

The Accessiblity directive ( (306/2019) states that master's theses should be accessible for people with disabilities, as they are available on the web. See instructions for making your Word and PDF documents accessible to people with disabilities

The evaluation process starts
With the Dean’s permission, a student can start the evaluation process also without permission from the supervisor, and in that case the supervisor does not participate in the examination process.

The evaluation process is initiated with plagiarism control, after which the thesis is automatically forwarded to the next phase.  

Students' responsibilities in the examination process are summarized in the following steps:

  1. Fill out the form for electronic publishing of the thesis
  2. Submit the thesis for plagiarism control and thesis evaluation
  3. Apply for confidentiality if necessary 
  4. Apply for postponement of time of publication because of preparation for commercial publication, if necessary

Additional information

Questions regarding the thesis process or feedback on the process or the instructions: egradu@abo.fi.
Questions about the PDF/A format, the form for electronic publishing and the electronic publishing itself: abopub@abo.fi

For questions regarding language response and language checking, contact the Language Centre, sprakcentret-abokansli@abo.fi or

Additional information for students on writing a thesis.

Additional information for staff on supervising theses.