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eGraduEng: Faculty office/Dean

Duties for the Faculty office

The Faculty office

  • receives an e-mail from the supervisor when the plagiarism check is approved that subject evaluation can be initiated
  • opens the case in Docsy 
  • register the following evaluationons
    • the e-mail from the supervisor that plagiarism check is approved
    • approved language respons
    • one or two statements from the thesis evaluators
  • prepare and submits the issue for assessment by the Dean in Docsy 
  • forward the Dean's decision on assessment
    •  to the author (including instructions for requesting reassessment)
    • the supervisor and the Head of Subject
    • to ÅAU Library that the thesis is prepared for publication (if the thesis has been classified as confidential, the decision about confidentiality is attached in the e-mail)
  • register the grade and credits in Pepp