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eGraduEng: Thesis evaluation

Responsibilities of the Head of Department

The Head of Department (or an appointed person)

  • Is informed by email from the supervisor that the plagiarism check was successful and that thesis evaluation can be initiated 
  • appoints two thesis evaluators.
  • assures that the thesis evaluators receive information by email regarding:

Responsibilities of thesis evaluator

The thesis evaluators

  • are informed by email from the Head of Department (or a person appointed by him/her) about their task, including the Ouriginal link to the thesis
  • shall open the Ouriginal link, evaluate the thesis and write their statements::
  • shall within 20 working days send their own or a mutual statement by email to the faculty's eGradu address, as well as to the supervisor, the head of subject and the student (with the statement(s) attached)
    The following email addresses are used: NB! You only send the email to your own faculty's email address!
    • Faculty of Arts, Psychology and Theology:
    • Faculty of Education and Welfare Studies:
    • Faculty of Social Sciences, Business and Economics:
    • Faculty of Science and Engineering: