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eGraduEng: Theses at a partner university

Digital publishing of theses written at a partner university

Students enrolled at Åbo Akademi University writing their master's thesis at a partner university follow the master's thesis process at the partner university (this does not apply to Werbung, where the master's thesis is evaluated at both universities). The master's theses are, however, always published in the Åbo Akademi University publications repository under the national Doria portal.

Students following the master's thesis process at the partner university:
When the thesis has been approved, the student should do the following:

  • fill in the form for digital publishing
  • save the thesis in PDF/A format (see instructions for saving in PDF/A format below).
  • send the thesis to the Åbo Akademi University Library to the address abopub@abo.fi

Instructions for saving a file as PDF/A

If you have written your thesis in Word [see screenshots of saving as PDF/A]: 

  • under the 'File' tab, choose the option 'Save as Adobe PDF' (alternatively, if this option is not available, choose 'Save as' and change the file type to PDF in the box under the file name)
  • before you save the file, click 'options'
  • under 'options', tick the box 'ISO 19005-1 (PDF/A)'
  • save the file
  • (These instructions are for MS Word 2016, but most text editors work in similar ways: e.g. in LibreOffice 5, choose "Export as PDF" instead of "Save as")
  • Open the document to check that it has been saved as PDF/A (it says "This file claims compliance with the PDF/A standard...”)
  • Check that your document is saved in the right format [PDF

NB! If you have written your thesis in Word for Mac:

  • First save your thesis in PDF format. In LibreOffice and in Adobe Acrobat pro you can save your PDF file in PDF/A format:
    • Åbo: In the Åbo Akademi Library catalogue hall (main building, i.e. "Boktornet"), there is a computer, where both the screen and the computer are marked with "Adobe Acrobat Pro". (The staff at the service desk can show you to the computer). Open your PDF document in Adobe Connect Pro. Click 'Save as' and choose the format PDF/A for the file.
    • Vasa: In the Gallery G403 in Academill there is "Adobe Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Design Premium" in a couple of computers (g403-07 och g403-09; see note at the computer). Open your document in Adobe Acrobat Pro. Click 'Save as' and choose the format PDF/A for the file.
    • If you do not manage to convert or save your file as as PDF/A, sent your thesis in Word for Mac format for converting to the address abopub@abo.fi. (When your document is converted, check that everything still look OK, e.g. tables.)

If diagrams or graphs are not converted correctly to PDF/A

  • Save all figures as .jpeg-images:
    • Open the Word file > Take a print screen of the figure > Crop the image (e.g. in Photoshop) > Save as .jpeg > delete the figure in Word and insert the .jpeg-image. 

Contact information

Questions about the PDF/A format, the form for electronic publishing and the electronic publishing itself: abopub@abo.fi