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Welcome to eGradu

Åbo Akademi University launched the Electronic Master's Thesis Process, eGradu, on 1 August, 2018.
This process means that all master's theses are examined and published digitally.

What is eGradu?

Because the examination process becomes electronic and master's theses are published in electronic form only, this means that  
- students no longer need to print and bind physical copies of their master's theses
- the examination process is accelerated as the theses are electronically forwarded 
- access to published master's theses is improved 

The Electronic Master's Thesis Process means submitting one's master's thesis to Urkund for plagiarism check. After the submission, if the thesis successfully passes the plagiarism check, the supervisor forwards it for thesis evaluation.
See information on language checking and language response.

Simultaneously, the student shall fill out a form for electronic publication.When the Faculty office has received the thesis evaluators' and language revisor's statements, the thesis is assessed by the Dean. Finally, the thesis is published by Åbo Akademi University Library.

NB! After the thesis has proceeded to plagiarism check, the examination process is initiated and the supervising process is concluded, thus, changes to the contents of the thesis are no longer possible (given the thesis does not fail any of the examinations or checks mentioned above).

The role of the supervisor is of great importance ​as
1) he/she shall provide correct information to the student for the plagiarism check and the electronic publication of the thesis, and
2) after the thesis has passed the plagiarism checks, he/she shall send the Urkund address to the correct receiver for subject examination and language revision of the thesis. 

Why eGradu?

The aim with eGradu is for the assessment process regarding theses to be quality-assured in its entirety by taking the greatest possible account of research ethical considerations, environmental aspects and clarity in procedures:

  • A clear and open process that promote equality and legal certainty for all involved actors
  • Distribution of responsibilities and schedules for when the supervision process ends and the assessment process starts is clarified
  • The same manuscript that is submitted to plagiarism checks is also submitted to language revision and subject examination. No changes to the contents are possible after submitting the thesis
  • The permanent electronic storage of theses follows the National Archive's decision

Video instructions for the students

Video on submitting your thesis for electronic examination and publication (video 7 min)

Support and additional information

Questions regarding the thesis process or feedback on the process or the instructions:
Questions about the PDF/A format, the form for electronic publishing and the electronic publishing itself:

For questions regarding language response and language checking, contact the Language Centre,

Additional information for students on writing a thesis.

Additional information for staff on supervising theses.