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eGraduEng: Supervisor

The end of the advising process - the beginning of the examination process

The supervisor makes a final review of the manuscript and gives permission for it to be submitted for assessment. A thesis is regarded as submitted for assessment and the supervision process ends when the student has submitted the thesis for plagiarism control.
Simultaneously, the student shall fill out the form for electronic publication of the thesis.

With the Dean’s permission, a student can start the examination process also without permission from the supervisor, and in that case the supervisor does not participate in the examination process.

The process continues as follows - the role of the supervisor is of great importance:

  1. The supervisor informs the student about the initiation of the examination process
  2. The student submits his/her thesis for plagiarism checks and fills out the form for electronic publication of the thesis 
  3. The supervisor examines the results of the analysis report of the plagiarism check
  4. The supervisor informs the student of successful plagiarism checks and forwards the thesis to language revision and subject exami

Video with instructions for students submitting their thesis for electronic examination and publication (video 7 min).

Additional information

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