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eGraduEng: Language respone

Language response and language checking

Language response

From 1 August 2020 language response is piloted at all faculties, for all master’s theses, in Swedish as well as in English. This means that the students, BEFORE submitting their thesis, should have passed language response. Language response is obligatory. Language response replaces language checking (which used to be carried out after the thesis has been handed in).
See the Language Center for more information on language response.

Language checking

NB! If you are a student at FHPT and FPV and will submit your master’s thesis in the beginning of the autumn term 2020, and you have not had a chance to get language response, your thesis will go through language checking.

The following applies to master's theses submitted by students at FHPT and FPV until 31 July 2020 and in the beginning of the autmn termn, if they have not had a chance to get language response during their writing process:

  • The student and the supervisor follow the instructions found under the tab Student and Supervisor.
  • The Language Centre checks if the student has already had language response, if not, the thesis will go through language check.

Language Centre

  • receives an e-mail from the supervisor (via the faculty's eGradu address) with a Urkund-link to the thesis document 
  • reviews the language and writes a statement (within 20 working days, i.e. the same time span as for the thesis evaluation)
  • saves the statement (incl. comments to the student) in the Language Centre database
  • forward the statement to the student, the supervisor and the faculty's eGradu address 
    (,; eller, which reaches the faculty office and the office of the Language Centre). The student also receives an accompanying letter (to his/her e-mail) that may include a personal comment.
  • registers an approved language revision in the study record register

See information on schedules for submission and language revision.

Language checking failure:

  • In the language checking statement, the student is requested to submit a new version in PDF/A format to
  • When the language revision of a previously failed language revision is approved, the new version is sent to the Åbo Akademi Library with a PDF/A attachment of the corrections
    • rättelse:
      Språkcentrets texthuvud - [datering till höger]
      Denna rättelse gäller NN:s (matrikelnr) magisteravhandling (titel - avänd vid behov [...] för delar av titeln).
      Språkbehandlingen i [avhandlingen] ||  [den svenska sammanfattningen] ||
      [avhandlingen och den svenska sammanfattningen] har bearbetats efter att
      avhandlingen har sakgranskats och bedömts. Den språkligt bearbetade
      avhandlingen publiceras.
      NN ( ,NN)

NB! The subject evaluator evaluates the original version.